River Bar

1 curved & 1 straight river bar, please.

This customer wanted a one-of-a-kind home bar. Jonathan is not aware of anyone else having done a curved river top such as this. At 17.5' total combined length, these matching breakfast & serving bars bring a wow-moment to everyone who walks in their home.

We designed the layup, made the bars, custom fabricated the supports, did the steelwork infrastructure underneath the countertop, and finished and installed everything.

Making a curved river out of sections of a live edge slab is highly-complex. We employed trigonometry, CAD, and very precise cutting.

River slabs - Salvaged American black walnut
Supports - American birch
Countertop - Soapstone
Cabinetry - Sapele
1/2" thick steel

Contact Jonathan for more info and pricing.